Friday, March 23, 2012

April Ride- 3 Creeks Natural Area/ Watershed Awareness Ride

For our April Bike Milwaukie Ride we will ride out to the 3 Creeks natural area and meet with habitat restoration guru & Tsunami Crew founder Chris Runyard who will guide us to the oldest tree in the 3 Creeks Nature Area - almost 500 years old. Camas and wildflowes will be in bloom. Bird songs and creeks preform a symphony and you can be part of it.  We begin and end at City Hall.  The ride will be approx 8-10 miles. Please wear shoes that you don't mind getting muddy and consider wearing a helmet.

Starts at 9:30 and will go until around 12 or so.
Distance: approx 8-10 miles. (we don't have the exact round trip route nailed down yet so I don't have an exact distance).

C'mon and join us!

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